"I’ve worked in the studio with many talented engineer/producers in my many decades of recording rock songs.  For me working with JJ has been truly a peak experience.  The analogue ethic and attention to classic sound crafting is exactly what I believe making quality music should be all about."  -  Nancy Wilson: Heart, Roadcase Royale

"I always love working with JJ. Not only fantastic as an engineer, but as a musician as well,  and just so knowledgeable about pretty much everything! A true Polymath. And, never a dull moment conversationally. Ever." 

- Vinnie Colaiuta: Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck, Herbie Hancock, Sting, Joni Mitchell


"J.J. is one of the most easy going, musical and technically proficient Producer/ Engineers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.”  -  Tom Polce: producer / composer CBS Television

"JJ Blair is a musician and a songwriter and producer. So he gets it. He knows the vintage and the modern gear.  He’s got the necessary shorthand when I can’t explain what I’m reaching for and he pulls some engineering voodoo out of my whackiest, clumsiest attempt at a description. "  -  Dorian Holley: Michael Jackson, Tonight Show Band

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with many great and legendary engineers in the past, and J.J. is right up there with the best. I loved working with him and at his studio, which is about as complete as you’ll find anywhere in terms of just the right audio and musical gear that anyone would ever need to get the job done, all in superb working order. Don’t pass up the chance to work with J.J. in any capacity as you won’t regret it."  

- Bobby Owsinski: producer, author of The Recording Engineer's Handbook



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